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A collection of global trips to destinations our team finds most captivating. Curated for photographers, by photographers.

Unlock your creativity in the most awe-inspiring corners of our planet. 


Our photo journeys are the result of years of returning to the places we've found most compelling on the globe and pouring our passion for & deep expertise in building cohesive, potent travel experiences—with an eye towards what we know as photographers photographers will prioritize & find most interesting… which we know well since we are photographers ourselves.

After years of working for an educational travel company, with extensive experience building and leading travelers on journeys matched to a particular interest, we launched on the way…. Something here… we were moved to apply that skill to a medium we were personally passionate about. 

Each meticulously developed with extensive on the ground, scouting, or with trusted local partners, featuring encyclopedic guides,… With intimacy and authentic and encounter as guiding principles with an intent to elicit awe, genuine wonder…. And creating truly exciting and fertile conditions upon which people king make beautiful meaningful art.



Our Photo Journeys are designed to give you a seamless travel experience so you can experience the destination to its fullest. Each trip includes: 


✔️  Photography Focused Itinerary

✔️  Professional Photography Instructor

✔️  Open Sky Trip Leader

✔️  Expert Local Guide

✔️  Small Group (6-12 Participants)

✔️  Accommodations

✔️  Majority of Meals

✔️  On-Trip Transportation

✔️  Live Trip Updates via Private PAX Portal

✔️  Thorough Pre-Departure Information

✔️  Live Trip Briefing and Q&A via Zoom

✔️  Flight Guidance and Booking Partners

✔️  Insurance Guidance and Trusted Partners


REGISTRATION  |  Fill out the registration form for your selected photography expedition. We'll follow up quickly!

DEPOSIT PAYMENT  |  Submit trip deposit through our online payment processor. With that payment, you will be 100% confirmed for the trip.

PRE-DEPARTURE GUIDE  |  Receive a pre-departure timeline and guidance packet with a checklist of next-steps including insurance recs booking flights, and final payments.

LIVE ZOOM BRIEFING AND Q&A  |  Join your Open Sky trip leader and photo instructor for an overview of your experience, including trip logistics, packing recs, camera gear, and more. 

YOUR EXPEDITION  |  Embark on your photo journey with a small group of like-minded creative travelers.  With our team of dedicated travel guides, you can be fully present to the multi-sensory experience of place, undistracted by any logistical hassles 




 Expedition Feature:

Antarctica 2024

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Our Photo Journeys

We offer a collection of  photography-focused international journeys that stand on their own as immersive, thought-provoking, awe-inducing ways of encountering a place. They are carefully crafted to provide the perfect blend of timing, pacing, and diverse experiences for photographers. Whether you're a seasoned photographer, or just learning the ropes, each of our Photo Journeys is designed to suit any  skill level, with professional instruction to further elevate your shots.  Each Photo Journey includes:

Professional Photo Instructors

Each Photo Journey features a seasoned professional photographer, with experience as an instructor, ready to guide you on your journey to capturing stunning moments and mastering your technical camera skills both in the field and during post-production workshops.

Expert Trip Leader

Experience seamless travel with our professional tour leader who  possesses extensive logistics expertise. Your journey's transportation, lodging, meals, and more will be guided by a travel expert, ensuring a stress-free and unforgettable exploration of your destination.

Top Local Guide

Our trips are led by local guides with encyclopedic knowledge of their home countries. These passionate experts become your personal portals to a place, offering immersive insights, untold stories, and a genuine connection to the culture. Experience travel at its most authentic.

Intimacy as a Guiding Principle

We organize trips with small groups ranging from 6 to 12 participants, allowing us to foster a sense of interconnectedness among travelers and our shared passion for photography.  This is a guiding principle in the selection of hotels, restaurants, and experiences.

Extensive Pre-Trip Scouting

Each destination, experience, and partnership we offer has been carefully scouted in-person by the Open Sky team with remarkable attention to detail. We are prepared to present exceptionally unique photographic opportunities, while keeping your safety as a top priority. 

Thorough Pre-Trip Prep

Each journey includes a private trip portal for registered travelers, pre-departure trip briefings, and industry partners to easily obtain insurance & flights. Personnel from our team are intimately familiar with each trip offering, and are prepared to help with any questions or concerns. 

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